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 Hello Gorgeous! 
 I'm Marquita 
I specialize in healthy hair care & body care! 

Owner & Founder of MD Studio & Spa; I love the beauty industry and everything it has to offer. It is my lifestyle, my passion, and my ministry. I was not the little girl who played with baby dolls, completely the opposite. I started my journey when I became a teenage and the beauty/fashion industry arise in me. I was born & raised in Jacksonville, FL.  As a mother of two beautiful daughters, (Ma'Kayla & Makenzie) I know exactly how important it is to have "me time".  The need to feel special, pampered, and to feel gorgeous on the outside as well as the inside. That is my vision here at MD Studio & Spa for you to love yourself on inside as well as the outside. I have been a Licensed Cosmetologist for the last 20 years. Massage therapist for over 14 years.  I love the art of hair, skin care, and body care.
My specialties include but are not limited too, healthy haircare, silk press, kids styling, braiding, massage therapy, and so much more! Your one stop shop!

I continue to learn everyday, the beauty industry is such a growing and volatile profession. When I'm not serving my guests, I enjoy my time with my children. I love sending time with my family and friends as well. I’m reliable, honest, and I believe in learning and continuing to grow within my industry to know the newest trends so that I may be the ideal profession. 

Think we might be a good fit? 

Click HERE to check out my the service menu if you have any questions email me at

Can't wait to meet you Gorgeous!

Check This Out!

I had the opportunity to be interview by Marla J. Albertie, she is local(Jacksonville, FL) certified pro career life coach and author. My first interview and I was so grateful. In the interview we discuss about how to begin the beauty industry journey, the steps to take. I shared my ups and downs I endured when I became a hairstylist. I was able to talk about my family, my support system and some amazing tips!

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